Superior IPTV Review

Superior IPTV has closed shop, please check out some of the other providers

Superior IPTV provides a number of packages to ensure you get the content that fits your budget. Unlike other providers that throw all their streams into one subscription and charge you the full price, Superior lets you pick from multiple options with varying costs.

Superior IPTV subscription

You can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • Kids Hosting: This is quite a unique package that focuses on kid’s content. It is very affordable and will surely keep the young ones entertained. Also, unlike other packages with access to PG content or even adult channels, you can leave your kids unattended and let them zap all they want. All they will find is content that is appropriate for them. You will get access to 26 kids channels from the UK and US and even a VoD section exclusively catering to children with around 50 movies at the time of writing this review!
  • Sports Hosting: As the name suggests, this package focuses on sports channels with access to around 150 channels from USA, CA, UK and even International broadcasters like Bein. Superior also covers club channels like MUTV and league passes such as NBA, NFL, NHL and more. Finally, Superior also has a dedicated group that lists all the live sport events. This makes it easy to find all the current games available for streaming.
  • Full Hosting: The full package gives access to all the content from the above package as well as entertainment, movie and news channels from primarily USA, CA and UK. They also broadcast around 50 TV stations from Ireland, India and Pakistan. All in all, the full hosting package has around 550 TV stations and a constantly growing VoD section with around 3200 titles, including movies and TV series!
  • Full Hosting 18+: For an extra 2 quid a month, this package gives access to 20 live adult channels and around 80 on-demand movies. This, of course, is on top of the full hosting package.

Superior IPTV also gives you the option to subscribe via Plex, which gives you access to their VoD content. Plex is a fantastic media software that mimics a user experience that can be found on streaming services like Netflix. With the Plex subscription, you can link to Superior’s VoD server via a beautiful interface on virtually any device, including your browser. The best part, though, is that Plex can automatically adjust the quality of your stream to ensure you get smooth video playback. Not many IPTV services have integrated Plex in their service, so definitely give Superior a try if you are interested in VoD only.


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