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roku ultra streaming media player

Roku Ultra Review – Enjoy A Wide Variety of Content!


Thanks to modern technology, there are many intelligent players which we can use to enjoy our favorite forms of digital entertainment. Through them, we can play movies, music, games and surf the web right through our home televisions. Some of them even enable you to record the content for later viewing. One of the most capable ones is the Roku streaming player.

This is a fully loaded, digital content streaming player. It comes with a versatile remote control and many bells and whistles to make the entertainment experience more enjoyable for you. Read through this comprehensive Roku Ultra review to discover more about the Roku streaming player.

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What is this player? Roku Ultra Review

The is an entertainment box that you can connect to your TV set to enjoy the benefits of digital entertainment. The unit can deliver free to air and paid television channels. It is optimized to work with the latest TV set technologies in the market.

Features of the Roku Streaming Player

Huge variety of content for you

With the Roku streaming player, you have direct access to entertainment content such as the latest movies, TV broadcasted channels, niche channels and the biggest digital entertainment brands. The Roku streaming player lets you watch music, news, sports and live events across the globe. This is made possible by a collection of streaming channels which are delivered through the device.roku ultra review

Moreover, it is the only streaming player in the market that is compatible with Netflix, PBS KIDS, Hulu, Vudu and Amazon Video. As such, when you get this device, you gain the advantage of unique, unbridled access. As indicated in this Roku Ultra review, this streaming player gives you access to more than 4,500 television channels and in excess of 400, 000 movies and music videos. With it in your home, you are never short of free or paid entertainment.

Enjoy the highest quality of images

The player guarantees you crystal clear images that pop out when you use the player with 4K UHD and Full HD TVs. To accomplish this, it has high-performance hardware under the hood which delivers an astonishing 60 frames per second of video images. The blacks are much deeper and the whites much brighter. In addition to that, the player can search through digital entertainment databases to find you 4K and UHD content to enjoy. This is done through a facility known as the Roku Spotlight.roku ultra set top box

To process images or audio quicker and give better results, the Roku Ultra streaming player has a quad core processor. It is also able to connect to WiFi networks and create wireless intranets through the 802.11ac protocol. Thus, you can surf the Internet faster and stream video content smoother with this versatile streaming player. In addition to very high-quality delivery, the unit has a variety of other qualities revealed in this Roku Ultra review that make it very convenient to use.

Powerful search feature

Are you looking for a particular movie or television show to watch? You do not have to wrack your brain trying to remember where it is broadcast. Simply use the Roku search feature. It is universal in nature and can comb through hundreds of thousands of channels and streaming services in search of what you want. Moreover, you can actually customize the search to make it more accurate. You can search for your desired content by director, actor, genre or title. To do this, you can use the dedicated Roku remote controller, the smartphone application or simply a voice search.

It is fully loaded with features to boost convenience

This is the sector where the Roku streaming player beats all other digital entertainment units for playing digital content. The player is designed such that it has extra features to boost convenience. For example, you can point its remote controller anywhere in the room and it will accurately command the player. Moreover, you can simply say the title of your desired entertainment content to search for it in the digital entertainment database. This TV set-top box allows you to personalize the entertainment experience as much as you desire.

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Great design

The has a nice physical design. It is small and therefore can be placed near your television inconspicuously. Measuring 4.9 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches it is compact enough to fit in almost any spot you choose in your entertainment setup. Not only is it petite in size, it is also quiet. Majority of streaming players in the market are quite noisy. However, the engineers at Roku created a new fanless cooling system to reduce the size of the Roku Ultra and make it quiet as well. Its compact nature also makes the Roku Ultra unit very light. It weighs only 7.7 ounces. The Roku Ultra is black in color.

A variety of ports for you

One of the most important characteristics to have in a streaming player is a collection of ports. They help you to connect storage media and accessories to your unit. The Roku Ultra has a wide variety of ports on its hardware unit. In addition to the power cable port, the unit has a HDMI and Ethernet port. It also has a microSD and USB port too. Using these ports, you can hook up any sort of content that you have to the unit and play it on your TV set.roku ultra ports

Customizable user interface

To help you access your entertainment, the Roku streaming player has a user-friendly software interface. The operating system is powerful and fast. As such, you can find your content in seconds. When you turn on the player, it takes you to a home screen which displays all your downloaded applications. Using the remote controller or dedicated Roku app, you can arrange them as you wish. This gives you quick access to the ones that you use most often. The interface also gives you an easily accessible search section.

To further boost convenience for you, it allows you to mark any content that you have for future reference in a section known as My Feed. With the controller, you can proceed to browse through other features of the Roku Ultra interface such as Fandango movies, the TV store, stay updated with the news, search for new channels and customize the home screen through the settings section. Unlike other streaming players, the Roku Ultra helps you to customize your home screen as you wish.roku user interface

Interestingly, you can change the themes of your home screen. This allows for further personalization of the Roku Ultra system for example by putting a sci-fi theme on it. Colorful, user-friendly and fully customizable, the user interface on this streaming player is unrivaled.

Ergonomic and highly functional remote controller

The Roku Ultra remote controller is one of its best features. Firstly, it is much thinner than that of any Roku predecessor models. As such, you can hold and manipulate it much easier. Secondly, it has a matte finish on its surface. Not only does this make it prettier, it increases the grip on the unit. To further deliver an exciting entertainment experience, the Roku remote controller has buttons which are dedicated to gaming and a port where you can connect the headphones for private listening.roku ultra remote controller

The controller´s top row is filled out by the back and home buttons. Underneath them is a pad with 4 directions and an OK button below it. The remote offers you a collection of buttons in its midsection which can help you perform functions such as rewinding, instant replay, searching, playing and pausing content too. Last but not least, there are two buttons for gaming purposes at the bottom of the remote controller.

Handy remote control finder

Do you often forget where you put the remote controller? Many of us suffer from this annoying problem all the time. With the Roku streaming player, you no longer have to deal with lost remote controllers. Simply press the Roku Ultra button on the main unit and your remote controller will beep and glow to show you where it is. If you don’t want to get up off your sofa to find the remote controller, simply click on the Roku application on your smartphone or tablet and turn it into a fully functioning controller for this streaming player.


The is your ultimate home entertainment companion. It is easy to use, compatible with digital televisions and lets you watch what you want in a convenient way. Through this amazing streaming player, you can gain access to thousands of free and paid channels. Moreover, it is optimized to deliver crisp clear images on Full High Definition (HD) and 4K televisions.

This Roku Ultra review clearly shows that if you have this player and a high-quality digital television, you will never need to go in search of other sources of entertainment. The Roku streaming player turns your living room into an interactive cinema and gaming center.

Moreover, it is optimized to deliver crisp clear images on Full High Definition (HD) and 4K televisions. This Roku Ultra review clearly shows that if you have this player and a high-quality digital television, you will never need to go in search of other sources of entertainment. The Roku streaming player turns your living room into an interactive cinema and gaming center.

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