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IPGuys is a very secretive provider. They don’t deal with customers directly. All IPGuys subscriptions are provided by resellers. Surprisingly, these resellers aren’t even allowed to use IPGuys when advertising the service. For this reason, there is no single source to subscribe to IPGuys. Even worse,  it is actually close to impossible to figure out who resells their IPTV service because everyone uses their own name despite offering the same subscription.

One clue that some resellers provide IPGuys is using the name COD123, which is the web address of IPGuys’ Stalker portal. We have gotten our subscription from IPRocket, a reseller of many reputable services. You can subscribe to IPGuys here, by picking their Apollo Package.

So, how much does a IPGuys subscription set you back? It is actually one of the most affordable services available, at just $9.95 per month. That is an incredible value considering some competitors charge up to $20/m. This gives you full access to all channels and all VoD content. However, you are only allowed to use your subscription on one device. Also, the subscription will be locked to the device’s MAC address. You can, however, use an emulator like STBEmu on multiple Android boxes and configure them to use the same MAC address. But don’t use more than one at the same time or you risk getting banned.


IPGuys’ primary source seems to be Canada, with loads of North American channels including all the usual suspects (ABC, NBC etc.). They also sport an impressive selection of movie channels, covering all the big names out there. Also, sports enthusiasts will be happy to know that IPGuys covers dozens of sports channels, both general as well as the more focused NBA TV, Golf channel and many many more.


One let down is the obvious gap in UK channels. No BBC or Channel4 or any other we could find. This seems to be standard offering for most providers so we are a bit surprised to not see it in IPGuys’ line-up.

There are, however, a lot of International channels, with strong coverage of Middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish and even some Polish, French and Italian channels. But, it seems like these are sourced from other providers and may not work as well as their core English content. All channels are organized nicely according to language. This means you don’t have to browse through hundreds of channels to find the International content you are looking for.

A nice addition is the ability to timeshift on selected channels. This allows you to go back for several hours and re-watch content that is stored on the IPTV server from that particular channel. Whilst it is only available on a dozen or so channels, we are hopeful that this will get slowly rolled out to cover more.

Last but not least, there is nothing bad to say about the VoD section. It covers lots of TV shows and movies, with new content constantly being added.


Quality & Reliability

This rating category is a bit of a mixed bag. Let’s start with the positive: reliability. Our experience and the feedback from dozens of IPGuys users shows that there is hardly a more reliable IPTV service out there. If there is one killer feature of IPGuys, it’s stable streams with virtually no buffering. This is certainly the case with the non-international channels that are as solid as it gets. The international channels do exhibit minor issues from time to time.

A lot of this reliability stems from the fact that, unlike other services, IPGuys streams at 720p max. You will not get to enjoy Full HD streams. Some of the international channels go as low as Standard Definition. Clearly, IPGuys approaches the trade-off of quality and reliability differently than other providers. After all, the nicest looking stream will be useless if it constantly buffers. So, we actually like the fact that IPGuys limits their stream’s quality as it ensure a rock solid streaming performance that is second to none.

Whether you had issues with other services in the past or you just need a backup for your primary service in case it experiences issues, IPGuys is the ideal fail-safe IPTV service.

Finally, the EPG on IPGuys works flawlessly with excellent coverage and accurateness. However, one thing we dislike is the missing icons on many of the channels which makes finding the right one a bit harder. Apart from that minor flaw, IPGuys definitely set the bar high with their electronic program guide.



IPGuys only works with Stalker Middleware, there is no m3u playlist that would allow you to stream with several Android apps and on a PC or Mac. However, you can use any Android box with STBEmu or another Mag emulator.

Of course, the best way to access a Stalker based IPTV service is with a dedicated IPTV set top box. We can highly recommend the Dreamlink T1+ or the new BuzzTV XPL3000.

Set TV is compatible with virtually any device you can hook up to the internet.


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