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Best IPTV Box 2024: Dreamlink T1 vs T1+


Entertainment these days is vastly different from what it used to be not too long ago. Modern technology has made it possible for us to watch shows and movies without having an expensive cable TV subscription. IPTV boxes such as the Dreamlink T1 and T1+ are finally able to fully replace your existing cable service. Better yet, they provide you a lot more entertainment options at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV providers.

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With various internet-based platforms such as YouTube and Netflix creating their own original content that is only available online rather than on some TV channel, it has become increasingly important for people to buy a set-top box that would give them access to this content.

At the same time, these VoD streaming services are not quite able to replace live TV just yet. The Dreamlink product line unites the best of both worlds, live TV via IPTV services and access to Android VoD apps.

The Dreamlink T1 and T1 Plus are great options for people looking for something like this. The only problem is that because you are faced with two choices here, you might be a little confused about which IPTV box to buy. Especially since there is quite a difference between these products.

The comparison provided below is intended to help you make a decision by providing you with detailed information on what each set-top box will provide, allowing you to choose one based on your specific needs and preferences.

What the T1 Is Used For

In order to understand what the T1 is intended for, you first need to understand what IPTV is. Much in the same manner as regular television channels are based on terrestrial broadcast systems, IPTV is television that is broadcast over the internet. However, in order to access this content, you need more than just a laptop; you need a device that has been specifically designed to tune into the IP addresses on which these channels are being broadcast.

sp central iptv packages

Essentially, these IPTV services will not function on a normal computer. Which is why you are going to need a set-top box in order to watch the content they are airing. Additionally, it is much more convenient to have a dedicated IPTV box in your living room than having to watch TV on your PC.

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The Dreamlink T1 and T1 Plus are products that provide access to these IP addresses. They include a user interface based on the Stalker Middleware, an interface that is designed to convert these online channels into a menu from which you can easily select which channel you want to watch. Essentially, these products make it easier for you to see the various channels that are on offer and choose whichever one catches your fancy. The user interface also incorporates a web browser, video player, and a variety of other apps.

This is where your operating system comes into play. The Dreamlink T1 and T1 Plus both come with Android built in, albeit one that has been merged with Stalker Middleware in order to give you an interface that is better suited to IPTV. The presence of Android means that you can even use social media with your set-top box and play a number of different Android games on the big screen. While there are certainly some differences between both of these products, the basic premise of their design stems from this blueprint.

Dreamlink T1 vs Mag IPTV Box

The MAG 254 and MAG 256 are other very popular options for IPTV streaming. They are manufactured by Infomir, the company behind the development of the Stalker Middleware. The Mag boxes are as capable as the Dreamlink T1 when it comes to IPTV streaming. However, they are based on a much more limited Unix operating system. As such, they do not provide the additional Android OS features and app support that Dreamlink T1s are capable of.


Dreamlink T1 vs Kodi Android Box

Android boxes are much more common in your average household. They run on the official Android operating system, therefore giving access to countless apps and games. The majority of Android TV boxes run Kodi, an open-source media player with numerous add-ons, giving access to VoD and live TV.

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But, these Kodi boxes do not support the Stalker Middleware natively. While there are Stalker emulators for Android, and many IPTV services develop their own apps or Kodi add-ons to access their content, the TV experience is not nearly as smooth and reliable as a Stalker-based set-top box.


Android with Stalker Middleware

As has been mentioned before, both of the Dreamlink T1s come with an Android OS that has been modified to run the Stalker Middleware. This gives you a different kind of menu where you can toggle between the various IPTV channels you have at your disposal as well as the apps that you have downloaded onto your set-top box. The experience is much closer to what you get from cable subscription services. Both of the products come with the capacity to display HD video, while a recording option is also provided with the T1 Plus.

The Stalker Middleware, coupled with the underlying Android-based OS is without a doubt the killer feature of the Dreamlink set-top box. This gives you native support for reliable IPTV streaming without losing the ability to run Android apps from the Google Play Store.

dreamlink t1 front

Media Support

One feature that is common to both of these set-top boxes is widespread file support. This means that no matter what type of file format you try to play with your set-top box, it will function without a hitch. Hence, you are not going to have to worry about changing the file format if you want to play a particular movie. The great thing is that even older file formats are supported, so the prospect of having to download old movies in newer formats is one that you are not going to have to deal with if you use either of these products.

Additionally, both of these products support a wide range of audio file formats as well. You are going to have to connect some speakers to them, but the audio output is fantastic due to the high-quality wiring used. This helps provide you with a complete audiovisual experience, which would boost the overall entertainment value you are getting for your money.


Since these are IPTV boxes, internet connectivity is obviously included. Their powerful Wi-Fi cards are capable of catching signals from a fair distance away and if you want to connect to the internet directly, there is an Ethernet port as well to make this possible. Direct internet can be useful in certain situations where your Wifi signal may be too weak for HD streaming.

While the T1 does not have a recording feature, both of these set-top boxes come with built-in memory. This is a useful feature for people who want to store all of their content beforehand so that they can binge with ease. The variety of features included in both of these set-top boxes are all immensely useful and help provide a lot of value to your purchase.

Differences Between the T1 and T1 Plus

The first thing you need to understand is that the T1 Plus is essentially a premium version of the T1. Hence, a lot of the differences between these two products have to do with what the T1 Plus adds to the T1 baseline.

4k Playback

To start off with, while the T1 can play up to 1080p content, only the T1 Plus is capable of playing Ultra HD videos, essentially 4K. A 4K viewing experience is pretty much impossible to match because it is so immersive; every detail is crystal clear, leaving you with a perfect view of all that is occurring in the movie, show, or match that you are watching. This can be particularly useful for sports fans because, in most sports, even the tiniest detail matters, and you are only going to get that level of clarity with 4K.

Slow Streams or Buffering?

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However, it should be noted that the 1080p playback that the T1 provides is still quite vivid and is perfect for people who don’t need absolutely clear quality for their movies and shows.

Dreamlink T1 Plus


  • Game-changing EPG
  • PVR to record shows
  • 4k playback


  • Still runs on Android KitKat

Personal Video Recorder

Another big feature that the T1 Plus has is that it gives you the option of recording the content you are watching. This is another thing that sports fans are going to love because it would allow them to make sure they never miss a single game. Additionally, if you are the sort of person who cannot bear to miss a single episode of your favorite TV show, you would be hard-pressed to find a solution better than recording it using your T1 Plus.

dreamlink t1+ front

The recording feature comes with programmability, so you would be able to program your set-top box to start recording content from a particular channel at a specific time. After doing so, you would be able to do whatever it is that’s preventing you from watching your show or movie at its allotted time. It is pretty clear that the T1 Plus is great for people who lead busy lives but don’t want to miss out on any of their favorite programs.

Electronic Program Guide

Additionally, the T1 plus has a great Electronic Program Guide [EPG] interface. This gives you access to single-channel or grid EPG, along with integrated catch-up and PVR features. For many, this feature alone is worth the upgrade to the T1+ model.

Another key difference is processing power and speed. Dreamlink has considerably beefed up the specs of their new model, equipping it with the latest quad-core processor. This ensures compatibility with the latest apps and makes browsing the menus and channels extremely smooth.

One area where the T1 actually comes out on top is durability. While you may think that the premium model would be more durable, the opposite is actually true. The T1 is made of a much sturdier material, probably because the T1 Plus was designed for style. In order to improve the look of the product, the manufacturer obviously had to sacrifice durability.

dreamlink t1 plus best iptv box

Of course, the single most obvious difference between these two products is price. The T1 Plus is about twenty percent more expensive than the T1. Is it worth it? Well, you do get a lot of advanced features, although the lack of durability means that people with kids might be a little hesitant to buy it. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you need from your set-top box as well as the sort of life you lead.


Both of these products are outstanding, but it is clear that they are meant for different kinds of people. The T1 is a great IPTV box for families since it is more durable and economical. In spite of the low price, it offers excellent video playback and has storage space in case you want to store your movie collection.

The T1 Plus is meant for enthusiasts who are willing to spend extra for the improved speed as well as the added functionality and extraordinary visual quality. It is also suitable for people who just love Ultra HD and are not willing to compromise on it to save a little money.

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