ACE TV Review


ACE TV comes in two flavors: ACE Sport and ACE Premium (with optional Adult add-on). Either package is available for different subscription lengths and activation is instant. No sending of emails and waiting hours for a reply with access details.

ACE TV has stopped their service. We recommend you have a look at our top picks.

ACE Sport

  • All of the English Premiership games (3pm games), including the ones not shown by Sky/BT
  • All of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB games
  • Sky Sports, BT Sports
  • Sports channels from the US, Canada and around the world
  • Over 200 channels
  • Watch the service on multiple TVs at the same time – Multi-room (for an additional fee)
  • Mag box/STB emulator and M3U playlist can be on the same account


ACE Premium – Sport, US, UK, Canada and International

  • Everything that is in Ace Sport
  • UK/USA/Canada/Ireland – Enterntainment, Documentaries, Movies, Music
  • Channels from Belguim, Germany, France, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain
  • Over 500 channels
  • Over 400 movies and TV shows
  • Watch the service on multiple TVs at the same time – Multi-room (for an additional fee)
  • Mag box/STB emulator and M3U playlist can be on the same account
  • VOD selection increasing every day


ACE Sport

ACE Premium

One Day



One Month



Three Months



Six Months


One year




ACE TV has put a clear focus on an English-speaking audience. This is actually a good thing since it makes it very easy to decide for or against this service. If English channels are all you are looking for, you know you are getting hundreds of channels that you actually can watch. However, if you are looking for international content, you know to look elsewhere and save yourself time browsing through their channel list.

Also, because they offer two subscriptions, you can save some money if all you want is NBA, Soccer, Football or any other sports. With over 200 channels focused on sports, you know you won´t miss your team´s next game.

The full premium package adds an additional 300 channels with movie, news and entertainment content. This can and will replace your expensive cable subscription. With over 500 high-quality TV channels, you will never run out of programs to watch.


Finally, the premium package also gives you access to their extensive Video-on-Demand catalog. Whilst not as huge as some of the older providers in the IPTV market, it does hold all the popular TV series, as well as old and new movies.

Overall, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ACE´s content, as long as you are only looking for English channels and VoD. The option to subscribe to the cheaper sports-only package will be popular with those on a budget. But, since ACE TV is already a steal compared to other providers, the premium package is probably the best option to get thanks to the included VoD content.

Quality & Reliability

As with any other IPTV service, your mileage may vary. And, to be clear, IPTV does not provide the same stability as a (much more expensive) cable subscription.

Slow Streams or Buffering?

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  • If you are using a Wifi connection, be sure to check out our 9 easy steps to improve your Wifi for Streaming.
  • Some Internet Service Providers throttle video streaming traffic without telling their customers. A VPN encrypts all your traffic and circumvents throttling, blocking and geographical restrictions.

Having said that, ACE TV is among the most reliable services in the game. Their focus on a limited number of channels clearly helps them as they don´t have to manage countless sources.


Most channels are streamed in HD and look gorgeous. Even the SD channels look great. Most importantly, their streams are rock solid. We experienced only few times when channels were buffering and only for brief moments. None of which really interrupted our TV binge sessions. They clearly put customer satisfaction as their top priority and invest in their infrastructure as they accept new customers.

Speaking of customer satisfaction: Another positive thing to note is ACE TV´s customer service. Using their ticket system, support is quickly provided if required.

Last but not least, having access to hundreds of channels can be a pain if you don´t know what program is running on which channel. Luckily, ACE TV´s electronic program guide (EPG) is one of the best out there. It provides accurate program information for virtually every channel.


The best IPTV service is useless if you can´t access it. Luckily, ACE TV is compatible with virtually any device you can hook up to the internet.

The catch-all way of streaming ACE TV is via your device´s browser, accessing their online player. While this will support virtually any device, the experience will be much better if you have a device you can hook up to your TV.


The best device to enjoy ACE TV clearly is a set-top box that supports Stalker middleware natively. Our recommendation is to use either a MAG 256 or the new Dreamlink T1+.

Alternatively, virtually any Android TV box will give you a similar streaming experience with the added benefit of having access to countless apps and games from the Play store. There are multiple ways of accessing ACE TV via Android: You could use STB Emu (an emulator of MAG boxes), a M3U player (e.g. Perfect Player) or Kodi´s built in player. Whichever way you choose, ACE TV provides detailed instructions.

Additionally, ACE TV also has its own Android app that does not require any configuration.

Finally, Roku users are not left out in the rain either. ACE TV has their own loader along with detailed instructions to make installation a breeze.


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