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IPTV Subscription is a mid-cost-range provider. A 6-month subscription works out to $15.83 monthly.  That’s on par with the industry average monthly cost. They offer a one-day free trial which is a bonus because you can test the service and see if it works for you before you take the plunge. The three paid subscriptions all contain the same channels and options.

iptv subscription price

Like many of the mid to low-cost providers, IPTV Subscription offers plans that don’t have different options with different prices. This trend is probably the providers’ way of keeping overhead down and that translates into a lower cost for the viewer.

This approach has its pros and cons. On the upside, you get a fair price and you don’t have to weigh the cost of different options with the benefits. On the downside, some viewers like a more à La Carte plan. These viewers want the ability to select a plan that works best for them.

IPTV Subscription’s site has an icon for a Roku but it really tells you to use a Roku browser to access their browser service. So, in a way, it works on Roku but not in the sense that there’s a dedicated Roku app.


The player for a web browser is also a plus. This is an option that some other providers also offer. Some viewers like this option because they don’t have to buy an IPTV box and can watch wherever they want.

Firestick access is a little involved but no more than other providers.

When you consider the different options to view their service and the mid-range price, IPTV Subscriptions is a provider that you may want to test.


The channel list is geared exclusively to an English-speaking audience. There are no channels for content from Russia, India, Spain, the Netherlands etc. This limits the potential customer base but saves the remaining viewers from having to sift through 4000 channels they’ll never watch. This is a breath of fresh air for some because they will likely never watch the Liechtenstein underwater basket weaving finals.

The total channel list is a little skimpy by comparison to the UK/US/CA channels from other providers. It appears IPTV Subscriptions has pared down their offering to about 70-80% of the total channels broadcast. Most viewers will find the channels they’re looking for but don’t be surprised if you find one or two of your favorites missing.


They offer a smattering of 24/7 VoD TV show channels and VoD movies. The number of titles is a little limited but there are some newer release movies and the TV channels seem to have many favorites.  They have a built-in YouTube link for easy access but we found the search and playback a little sketchy.

The settings area had a few odd options. For instance, one of the setting options is ‘Language’ which is weird because they only offer English speaking channels. They have a Catch-up TV option for setting the offset preferences but we didn’t find any catch-up playback area. They also have a speed test but its results didn’t quite match our results from separate, more widely used testing sites.

The EPG could best be described as spartan. There’s no live preview window and the layout is dated. The information for listings rarely matched what’s actually airing. The EPG is one of the weaker areas of the service.

Overall the general organization and layout of the interface experience are disjointed at best. It appears to be a hodgepodge of different blocks of code stitched together. It’s not very well thought-out and this can leave the user more than a little frustrated. The interface is the same no matter how you access IPTV Subscription’s service. So, you have the same problems no matter what device you use.


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Quality & Reliability

Quality and reliability are shaky at best. While the signal quality was good on some channels, there was buffering on many others. This wasn’t as evident on the VoD channels but the live channels were hit and miss. Some channels had little or no buffering; others were almost unwatchable. On some channels, there wasn’t true buffering but there was some stuttering while even other channels were rock solid.

The general quality was less than average. In this regard, the service is over-priced. Even with the multiple points of entry, the service at the destination was the same. One has to wonder if quality was traded for accessibility. Roku lovers might think they’ve found another IPTV answer only to find a less than pleasurable viewing experience. The same holds true for browser viewing lovers.

It’s important to note that there are other providers that provide the same accessibility across multiple platforms for a cheaper price. These providers have a much better interface and better stream stability. Additionally, they have a much larger selection of VoD titles.

It’s fair to say IPTV Subscriptions is making some effort to provide a service that almost anyone can access. It loads quickly and the interface itself was very stable on every platform. The problem lies in the navigation and viewing experience. Unfortunately for them, these are the two most important qualities users look for.



The IPTV Subscription service is compatible with most devices. The browser app worked on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. You can use a browser app on Roku to access the service.  Firestick access is a little involved but not more than other services. The Android app worked well.

Most widely used IPTV services are compatible with whatever device you are using and IPTV Subscription is no exception.  Industry wide, compatibility issues are becoming a thing of the past.  This is due to either the provider coming up with a way for their service to work with devices or third-party answers for specific hardware.  Some device manufacturers have even come up with work-arounds for non-standard apps.


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