Ninkbox N1 Max Review

NinkBox N1 Max Android 9.0 TV Box Review


Are you looking for an Android TV box that can do it all, or at least comes pretty close? Do you want to receive a high-quality TV streaming experience with modern features for a great price?

NinkBox may have the answer you are looking for because this year they released the and suffice to say, it appears to be loaded to the brim with capabilities that could satisfy even the pickiest of television fans. If I’ve piqued your curiosity then check out my in-depth review of this exciting new product.

Overview and Specifications

NinkBox has been around for a few years now and despite flying under the radar, they actually have quite a good track record of Android TV boxes.

The merely the newest in a lineup of high-value TV boxes with great technology, and the N1 Max is definitely the most impressive by specs alone.

State of the Art Hardware

With a max resolution output of 4K, plus its HDR and 3D capabilities, the N1 Max is a powerhouse according to its technical specifications.

It is compatible with a wide array of video and audio formats and it is made out of some impressive hardware. There is 4gb of RAM and a whopping 64gb of internal storage.

Additionally, the N1 Max uses a penta-core graphics processor and a quad-core computing processor, which in layman’s terms pretty much means that this thing can handle a lot of data in some very fast intervals.

NinkBox didn’t overlook the smaller details either. With two USB ports (one of them being 3.0), Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in dual wi-fi for both 2.4 and 5.0ghz frequencies, this box is built out of some truly modern hardware. It will be a while before the N1 Max becomes outdated.

Last but not least, the uses the newest Android 9.0 firmware which means you can probably expect a great user interface that is as snappy as it is intuitive.

Detailed Specs:

  • O.S: Android 9.0
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3 + ROM: 64G EMMC
  • Bluetooth: BT 4.0
  • GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450 Up to 750Mhz+
  • CPU: RK3318 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53 3
  • Wireless: Dual-Band WiFi 2.4G/5G built-in Dual Antenna
  • LAN Ethernet: RJ45 Ethernet port(10/100M)
  • USB Host: 1*USB 3.0, 1*USB 2.0, 1*TF port


First Impressions

The first thing that impressed me about the was its size. Despite being crammed with a lot of internal storage and some impressive specs, this thing is pretty small. I also really liked the visual design of the box itself.

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The top surface is covered with a navy blue design along with the NinkBox logo. It looks like a typical computer screensaver graphic but it still manages to look distinctive compared to just about any other TV box.

Other than that, the N1 Max itself is pretty standard. You have your usual USB, power and HDMI ports, plus a micro SD slot. The LED light signals whether the device is on or off and the remote control is pretty standard as well. It doesn’t have any backlit buttons and there isn’t any color palette to the buttons either. Still, overall the presentation is solid.

Installing and setting up the device was quick and painless, though that is to be expected when you’re using Android OS, especially the newest 9.0 firmware. It must have taken me only 3-5 minutes to get connected to the internet. The installation process was as hassle-free as I had hoped for.

The NinkBox N1 Max In Use

As far as speed is concerned, the N1 Max is definitely in the upper tier of TV boxes. Some of the more technically literate readers may be initially put off by the fact that the N1 Max uses DDR3 RAM instead of DDR4, but I guarantee you that 4gb is still enough for a TV box even if it may be outdated for a PC.

This combined with the undoubtedly great Android 9.0 OS means you get an extremely smooth browsing and viewing experience. There were no hiccups I could detect when browsing through menus. Switching from the main menu to various apps like Youtube or Netflix felt buttery smooth.

Excellent Performance

The streaming capabilities were also very satisfying, which is probably thanks to the dual wi-fi setup. While I usually lament the lack of an external antenna for the smoothest possible wireless connections, the N1 Max performs very admirably without one. Even when cranking up the data by streaming 4K content, the still didn’t let me down.

I decided to see what would happen, if anything at all, while downloading a variety of apps while browsing Youtube videos and the N1 Max still had great performance with very minimal slowdown.

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Very High-Quality Output

As far as picture quality is concerned, let’s just say that the stats and specs didn’t lie. 1080p displays great, but going all out with 4K and HDR was simply sublime. Every color and every lighting situation looked and felt authentic. The contrast and sharpness also looked spectacular without me having to fiddle with any image settings on the TV itself.

The Android 9.0 OS really helps complete the entire package. With a fantastic UI and the ability to add hundreds, if not thousands of apps, the feels like a home theater powerhouse all neatly wrapped up inside of a small little square box.

I tried hard to look for any truly glaring flaws but there simply aren’t any. No matter what I did, the N1 Max felt like a genuinely high-quality device that delivered nearly everything I asked for. If the controller had a more intuitive layout and better color-coded buttons, plus some more up to date RAM, this machine would be practically perfect.

However, it would probably not be as affordable as it currently is with these upgrades, so at the end of the day their omission is perfectly understandable.

Final Thoughts

In case it wasn’t obvious, I was simply floored by how much I loved NinkBox’s . This machine is undeniably advanced, powerful and reliable. The wireless strength is great, the picture display is beautiful and the hardware specs truly deliver a next-gen TV experience.

If you want an Android box better than this then expect yourself to pay considerably higher prices. This is a very high-value TV box and you simply can’t afford to ignore what it’s offering you if you’re looking for something in its price range.

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