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goobang doo abox a1 max review

Goobang Doo Abox A1 max Review


Android TV Boxes make any television set into a smart TV on steroids. They are gradually becoming an integral part of many households. If you are in the market for a streaming set-top box that provides you with the best value for your money, then the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max might just be the device for you.

The Android TV box is a new technology that is shaking up the industry. Once plugged into your tv, it offers you unlimited access to a mammoth amount of content. TV boxes have a place in every household and choosing the right TV box may prove to be difficult as there are so many options to pick from. With the right device, you are provided access to extremely high-quality content at all times and with great reliability.

Android TV boxes are portable devices that save you the stress of having to connect your laptop to your TV using HDMI. They also support other computer accessories like mouse, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards.

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is fast and delivers live viewing in the best quality available once paired with a reliable streaming service (see our list of IPTV providers). So, if you are an ardent lover of movies, games and live sports, you will be pleased to learn that this device offers you unlimited media for your own comfort.

What is the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max might be the best value Android TV box currently on the market. It is fast, updated often and is supported by a wide range of devices. The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is my third TV box and I must say its features beats those of the previous boxes by a mile.

With this device, you do not have to worry about video interruptions or picture distortion. The manufacturer made sure that it plays everything you throw at it without a hitch.

You are less likely to experience a break in connection when surfing the internet using this device. Another impressive feature of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is that it supports pretty much every audio and video format without disruptions or freeze ups.

This Abox is a multipurpose device that works flawlessly. It is packed with features for streaming high definition videos, extreme picture clarity, good internet connectivity, playing video games and can easily be set up to stream a wide range of channels. It can also be used as a portable computer when connected to a monitor. I was particularly impressed with the short response time of the device. Applications open very fast and I have not really had any issue with the device freezing or slowing down.

The Abox is portable, about 4.25 x 4.25 x 0.75 inches which is about the size of satellite decoders. The box itself is lightweight, estimated to be slightly heavier than my smartphone, so that’s quite a featherweight. It has a good aesthetic appeal as the design is quite attractive.  It has extra ports for USB, ethernet connections, audio jacks and HDMI to mention a few.

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max runs on Android 7.1 Operating system.

Features of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max comes highly recommended. It possesses an exclusive list of unique features that set it apart from other Android TV boxes on the market in this price range. The device was built to allow users enjoy fast and smooth High definition videos at the comfort of their home. Brace yourselves, I would be taking you on a ride through all the impressive features of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max

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  • FuboTV: Stream and record live sports and TV from FOX, NBC, beIN SPORTS, Univision, NBA TV, A&E & more. Watch live on any device: Desktop, iOS, Android, Roku
  • Basic Features: The TV Box has an inbuilt storage capacity of 16GB (enough room for installing your favorite applications) which can be expanded to 48GB via micro SD card. 2GB of RAM ensure smooth operation and multitasking. The Abox A1 max supports playing media through max 1TB external hard disk drive (HDD) or SSD. This way you can play music, videos, and games stored on your external storage devices. The TV Box has a CPU configuration that is Powered by Amlogic S905W with a Quad-core A53 processor that runs at 2.0 GHz 64bit and its respective GPU is Penta-core Mali-450MP GPU @750MHz. It utilizes the latest version eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Controller) memory so users can enjoy faster speed and make it more stable and run smoothly.
  • Android Version: The Abox A1 max runs on the latest Android Nougat 7.1 operating system. The interface is user-friendly and quite intuitive with endless functions similar to Android-powered smartphones. It provides you with an option that allows you to customize your home screen with your favorite apps to give you the best user experience. The Nougat 7.1 allows you to run many games, play unlimited media with no lag when you switch applications.
  • Multiple Practical Interfaces: The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is designed with several cable ports. This Android box has two USB 2.0 interfaces, as well as one ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface. As explained before, the device is compatible with other peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboards & Bluetooth speakers. These accessories can be connected to the tv box via USB cable. It also provides a LAN interface and HDMI interface.
  • Warranty: The manufacturers of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max have a 30-day no-reason return and 1-year return warranty policy on the device.
  • Customer Support: The Customer support system is amazing. I once had some technical issues when trying to set up the box. I went ahead and contacted the customer support for help and they replied within a few hours providing solutions to the problems.

Pros of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is a very accessible device and it offers an array of advantages that cannot be ignored. They are:

  • Flexibility: Running on the latest processor – the Amlogic S905W which has a Quad-core and the Android Nougat 7.1, the Abox A1 max allows you to run several applications at the same time without a hitch. This way you can multitask conveniently on the device without any stuttering. With the device running on the latest Android version available at the time, you are guaranteed a quality performance with the ability to handle a wide range of file formats.
  • Variety: The Abox A1 max comes pre-installed with the Google play store application. This allows you access to stream unlimited media, play tons of games and watch TV shows smoothly on a large screen. You can install a lot of apps easily and enjoy utmost satisfaction from this technology.
  • Build Quality: The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is built in a compact way, about 4 x 4 x 0.8 inches it is comprised of a mix of matte and black shiny plastic. Weighing 13.6 ounces, the Abox A1 max is about the weight of a smartphone which is relatively light. If you are working with limited space, you are in luck. You can easily place it beside your television set and you are good to go.
  • Network and Internet: The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces that allow users surf the internet reliably. Although the Wi-Fi allows for internet and surfing capabilities, running a wired ethernet is always the best. With Ethernet and Wi-Fi specifications of 10/100M and 802.11 a/b/g/n at 2.4GHz respectively, users are set for the best surfing experience.
  • Accessories: The peripherals that are included with the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max are one power adapter, HDMI cable, Android TV box, remote controller and a user manual. The device has power requirements of DC 5V 2A with LED indicators to show when its working and on standby.
  • Technical Support and Warranty: Goobang Doo operates a customer support that works round the clock to ensure that customers are optimally satisfied. Although there is a 1-year warranty on the product, users have a lifetime access to customer service. The company also has a follow-up policy on their customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the product.

Cons of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max

All electronic devices have disadvantages and the Abox A1 max is not an exception. Below are some of the downsides I took note of while using the device:

  • Storage Capacity: One of the most obvious cons of the Abox A1 max is the storage capacity of the device. The device has an internal memory 16gb and external SD storage pegged at 32gb. This is a big problem for heavy gamers and movie enthusiasts that prefer to download their media rather than stream them on the internet.
  • Setup time: Another thing I noticed is that the Abox A1 max took time to set up for whatever reason you had in mind when purchasing the device. You are less likely to experience complications once you are past the setup, but the device takes considerable time to be up and running.
  • Remote: Many TV boxes have low distance remote coverage and the Abox A1 max is no different. The Abox A1 max should be upgraded to transmit and receive signals faster with a wider range. An after-market remote would be a good upgrade.

Here is what other customers have said

A lot of customers have had their say on the performance of the Abox A1 max. While some of them gave critical reviews quite a number of customers had positive things to say about the product.

One customer was particularly impressed with the speed and the user interface of the Goobang Doo Abox A1 max. He compared the Abox A1 max to other high-end android boxes he had used in the past and he praised the performance of the device saying, “I am glad I bought this Great little piece of tech which transformed my old, regular LED TV into a smart TV”. He also acknowledged the build quality and the short response time at which the device functions.

Another customer gave a 5-star rating of the Abox A1 max after experiencing its functionalities at a friend’s place. One thing she noticed was that most of the video formats played perfectly and the video quality was good. Also, she acknowledged that whenever a video failed to play, it was because a stream was not available. She was so impressed with the device that she hoped to replace one of the older versions of TV boxes she had with a Goobang Doo Abox A1 max.

Slow Streams or Buffering?

Are your streams loading too slow? Getting constant buffering? Not able to stream at full resolution? Check out these tips to improve your streaming experience:
  • Use a modern Router that has advanced features like QoS to prioritize video content. Check out our recommended Routers for Streaming.
  • If you are using a Wifi connection, be sure to check out our 9 easy steps to improve your Wifi for Streaming.
  • Some Internet Service Providers throttle video streaming traffic without telling their customers. A VPN encrypts all your traffic and circumvents throttling, blocking and geographical restrictions.

Another user criticized the device on the basis that the device is rooted and did not allow him to run certain third-party software such as Playstation Vue, SlingTV, Youtube, Netflix, and others. Although he did acknowledge that the company is reliable and provides adequate customer service around the clock. He also praised the fact that the manufacturer reached out to see if he was satisfied with the product.

Generally, there have been more positive reviews than negative ones. A lot of customers also recommend this product on the basis that it provides value for money.


More and more Android TV Boxes are being produced and it is becoming increasingly important to own one of these devices. Selecting the TV Box most suitable to your needs is as important as selecting the right streaming service(s).  The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max is a relatively cheap product that offers unique features and superb performance at such an attractive price, leaving you with spare cash for a streaming subscription.

The User manual that arrives with the package gives insight into many of its functionalities. The manual helps you make sure that various parts of the TV Box are intact. It also teaches you how you can set up and operate the box with ease.

The Goobang Doo Abox A1 max might be one of the best value Android TV Boxes available in the market. With this device, you can be sure of exploring the world of entertainment with ease.

Last update on 2024-04-16 at 23:22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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