5 Best TV Sticks for IPTV

The 5 Best TV Sticks for IPTV this 2024


If you’ve been thinking about cutting off your cable or satellite TV service in favor of switching over to IPTV then you are not alone. More and more people have been making the switch, and IPTV and TV sticks are now more popular than ever before. This makes this new industry a booming place to be and also makes now the perfect time to jump into the world of IPTV.

Best Android TV Sticks for Streaming


Before you can make any major switches, you’ll have to decide on which TV stick you will want to use. Luckily for you, I have been using TV sticks long enough to know which ones are the best. If you want to know what the best TV stick for IPTV is then look no further.

We have the top 5 best TV sticks for IPTV below. Pick one of these, get yourself an IPTV subsctiption, and you’ll be set.

1. BuzzTV ST4000

BuzzTV Vidstick ST4000 - Android 9.0 - Amlogic S905Y2-2GB DDR - 16GB eMMC
  • BuzzTV Vidstick ST4000 has been carefully designed to deliver a combination of high-performance specs, premium materials, innovated software, and compact design so you can carry the ST4000 with you in your pocket everywhere you go
  • POWERFUL 2GB MEMORY / 16GB DDR4 RAM Internal Memory / 1 gigabit LAN (adapter sold separately), HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, IR Sensor (Included)
  • POWERED by Android 9.0 Operating System and the NEW BuzzTV4 Application. Recording/Playback feature supported

The first of the best TV sticks for IPTV on our list today is, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular options available: the BuzzTV ST4000. This is a very powerful TV stick that is capable of some impressive video quality. Fans of 4K ultra high definition will definitely want to check out this TV stick along with its very high-performance specifications.

Arguably the ST4000’s killer feature is its native support for IPTV streaming. Don’t worry about finding a compatible app and configuring everything yourself. Simply plug in this stick, update your IPTV service’s link, and start streaming within a few minutes.

BuzzTV Vidstick ST4000 - Android 9.0 - Amlogic S905Y2-2GB DDR - 16GB eMMC

With 2Gb of RAM and 16Gb of storage, the BuzzTV ST4000 is powerful, fast, and has a solid amount of storage space so that you can download apps and even DVR many of your favorite programs while saving them to the TV stick’s internal storage. Additionally, you can even add a micro SD card to expand the storage further.

Combine all of this with the fact that the BuzzTV ST4000 uses the highly reliable Android 9.0 OS and you have yourself a phenomenal TV stick. This thing is guaranteed to deliver a high-quality experience and is why it is easily one of the best TV sticks for IPTV available today.

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2. Roku Streaming Stick

Anyone who knows anything about TV sticks and IPTV has certainly heard of Roku before. If you are new to the game and are unfamiliar with them, get ready to find out why the Roku Streaming Stick is one of the best TV sticks for IPTV out there.

Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) | Portable HD Streaming Player, Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi (Renewed)

Not only is this TV stick quite affordable, but the Roku TV Stick also has an incredible reputation for its flexible app support. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, and many more are all compatible with Roku TV. Roku TV is also very easy to set up and install, plus the system itself has a fantastic UI that is both easy to use and easy on the eyes. Roku also makes one of the best remote controls out there for TV sticks.

The Roku Streaming Stick comes in a 4K and HDR compatible version called the Roku Streaming Stick+ for anyone who really wants to take their video quality to the highest level. This version is a little pricey but it is well worth it if you have a massive TV that supports UHD and HDR as well.

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3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote bundle - includes Ethernet Adapter and 2-Year Protection Plan
  • Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote bundle, Ethernet Adapter, 2-Year Protection Plan
  • The most powerful 4K streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi antenna design optimized for 4K Ultra HD streaming
  • Launch and control content with the all-new Alexa Voice Remote. Watch favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, STARZ, SHOWTIME, or CBS All Access, plus stream for free with Pluto TV, IMDb Freedive, and others

Arguably the most famous of all the TV sticks, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a best seller and with good reason. In fact, now is the best time to get yourself a Fire TV stick as the standard version of this TV stick was Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote bundle - includes Ethernet Adapter and 2-Year Protection Plan. It now has better speed and smoother operation for both scrolling through menus and while watching content.

Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote bundle - includes Ethernet Adapter and 2-Year Protection Plan

The standard version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick now also supports HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos Audio so people who do not own a 4K TV will still be able to enjoy video and sound upgrades on their own 1080p theater setups.

And of course, no one can mention the Amazon Fire TV Stick without mentioning its built-in Alexa support. Alexa is integrated into the voice search function on several major streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

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4. Google Chromecast

Another one of the big names is also one of the best TV sticks for IPTV, and that would have to be the Google Chromecast. It’s been on the market for many years and to this day it still holds its reputation as a fantastic device. This is due in part to the fact that, much like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Google Chromecast got a nice upgrade this past year.

Before the UI for Chromecast was a little too basic and bland, but now it has been seriously revamped. The UI is more in-depth, easier to navigate, and has been integrated very well with the Google Play Store. This allows you to download as many apps as you want, including the apps associated with mega streaming platforms.

The Google Chromecast also recently got its own remote control, which makes it much easier to control playable content and browse through app menus and the device’s main interface, menus, and settings options.

For a TV streaming stick that is capable of 4K resolution, it is surprisingly cheap and affordable. It is also a perfect choice for anyone who is already using an Android TV or is looking forward to toying around with the new Google TV. All in all, this is a very versatile device that offers a lot of functionality for the asking price, which is why the Google Chromecast of 2024 is one of the best TV sticks for IPTV.

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5. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi Mi TV Official US Version 1GB RAM +8GB ROM, Portable Streaming Media Player HD Playback 1080P HDR Netflix Quad Core 64 Bit Android TV 9.0, Bluetooth remote with Google Assistant
  • 【Limitless Entertainment】Use Google Play Store to download your favorite streaming and gaming apps and stay entertained for hours. Preinstall Netflix and Prime video for one button quick access.
  • 【Smarter Experience with Android TV 9.0】Mi TV Stick is powered by Android TV 9.0 which supports voice search and Chromecast and connects you to a world of content. Catch up on your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or switch to radio. Mi TV Stick also recommends videos based on your personal Youtube and Google Play preferences.
  • 【Smart Cast】With built-in Chromecast you can easily cast videos and other content from your phone, tablet or laptop directly to your TV screen in 1080p. Mi TV Stick supports both DTS multichannel HD audio encoding. Bring you smoother, dynamic, immersive and more realistic stereo surround sound during ultra HD Blu/ray video playback.

The last of our best TV sticks for IPTV is probably the lesser-known one on this list but is a device that still comes from a brand name that certainly has a reputation in the world of IPTV and TV streaming sticks: the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Xiaomi Mi TV Official US Version 1GB RAM +8GB ROM, Portable Streaming Media Player HD Playback 1080P HDR Netflix Quad Core 64 Bit Android TV 9.0, Bluetooth remote with Google Assistant

Powered by Android 9.0, the Mi TV Stick is probably the sleekest-looking TV stick available. It is also very portable which makes it a great choice for anyone who likes to take their TV stick with them on the go.

The Mi TV Stick is very easy to install, has Chromecast support, and is compatible with many of the biggest names in streaming such as Google Play, Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Spotify, Twitch, and more.

While this device does come from overseas, it has still seen some good success in Western countries thanks to its relatively affordable price and simple setup. It doesn’t support 4K and doesn’t have the most amount of RAM but it still runs well and is a great choice for anyone who is satisfied by 1080p quality.

The Mi TV Stick also has a simple remote control that is sleek, ergonomic and has dedicated buttons for both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It’s a very minimalist remote which makes it all the easier to use.

At the end of the day, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is one of the best TV sticks for IPTV because of its solid performance, great app compatibility, and numerous extra functions like Bluetooth 4.1, Chromecast, and Google Assistant.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best TV Stick

Now that we have finished going over the top 5 best TV sticks for IPTV, we’re going to switch gears and enter the TV Stick Buyer’s Guide.

In this section, we will go over all of the major elements of what makes a good TV stick so that you can learn for yourself how to spot one should you ever decide to buy a new one for yourself. So, let’s take a closer look.

Slow Streams or Buffering?

Are your streams loading too slow? Getting constant buffering? Not able to stream at full resolution? Check out these tips to improve your streaming experience:
  • Use a modern Router that has advanced features like QoS to prioritize video content. Check out our recommended Routers for Streaming.
  • If you are using a Wifi connection, be sure to check out our 9 easy steps to improve your Wifi for Streaming.
  • Some Internet Service Providers throttle video streaming traffic without telling their customers. A VPN encrypts all your traffic and circumvents throttling, blocking and geographical restrictions.

The first thing we should go over is the operating software of the TV stick itself. Not all TV sticks use the same OS and this will have an impact on various things such as the menu, the app selection, the performance, how often it can be patched or upgraded, and several other factors.

While Android is often considered the best OS for TV sticks, some people are more partial to Apple TV OS or the ones used by Amazon and Roku. These four are all safe bets and you should try to get a TV stick that uses one of these four operating software.

Next, we’ll be talking about the basic specifications from both a hardware and software standpoint. This includes what the maximum resolution is as well as the RAM and internal storage. While you may not need more than 8GB of storage for apps, you may want to consider a TV stick that has 16GB if you like to record content via DVR. A TV stick with an SD card slot would also be preferable.

How Important is RAM?

When it comes to RAM this is a little trickier since it isn’t as cut and dry as other topics, but generally speaking, 2GB of RAM is better than 1. However, there are 1GB RAM TV Sticks that operate very well so you will have to get used to digging deeper past the specs to be able to make this judgment call more accurately for yourself.

Resolution: 1080p vs 4K

As for resolution, this is much more straightforward. All you have to do is make sure you get a TV stick that has the same max resolution as your main TV. If your TV is 1080p, get a 1080p TV stick and make sure you don’t accidentally overpay for one that is 4K when you can’t even use 4K.

Conversely, make sure to get yourself a 4K TV Stick if you do have a 4K TV or monitor so you can get the best picture quality your setup can deliver.

Adding onto that, if your TV or theater setup is compatible with other aspects such as HDR or Dolby Atmos audio then you may consider it worthwhile to invest in a TV stick that also supports these functions.

Unlike 4K compatibility, HDR and Dolby Atmos functions do not typically raise the price of the TV stick so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for a TV stick that happens to include these features.

App Support and Compatibility

This is arguably the most important point about selecting a TV stick for IPTV to buy because many people consider this a make or break section. While the best TV sticks for IPTV will generally support thousands of apps, some of them have some strange omissions that you may want to be aware of. Make sure to examine the app compatibility list of any TV stick you are considering purchasing.

You will also want to select a TV stick that is compatible with as many apps and services as possible. If you already subscribe to an IPTV service, be very careful to make sure that the TV stick you buy will support said IPTV service or you will be out $50-$100. Some IPTV services have their own app that only runs on Android, so make sure you don’t lock yourself into a single platform if you don’t intend to get the corresponding IPTV stick. You could also consider buying a TV stick first and then selecting an IPTV service from the list of compatible ones if the stick is more of a priority for you.

How to Setup IPTV on the 5 Best TV Sticks for IPTV

As a final bonus section, we will now go over how you can setup IPTV on the 5 TV sticks we covered above. We know that sometimes setting up IPTV on TV sticks can feel like a hassle but it really is a lot easier than it seems – you just need the right set of instructions to make the process simplified. This will be especially helpful to beginners who are new to the world of IPTV or TV sticks.

Keep in mind that to streamline all of the following instruction sections, they all presume that you have your TV stick updated to the latest firmware and that you already subscribe to an IPTV service and have received the relevant details from them.

Consider this section a thank you for finishing the article. Enjoy!

How to Setup IPTV for BuzzTV ST4000

  1. Click on Live TV on the main menu.
  2. Under Server Line, click on Add Server.
  3. If you have a Mac Address, select Streaming Line. If you have an M3U URL, select M3U. If you have a choice, select M3U as a Mac address will be locked to this device.
  4. Input the Portal Name (your choice) and the name of the relevant URL (Mac or M3U).
  5. Wait a moment for the ST4000 to load the channels from your IPTV. Once completed you will then be able to begin watching your content.

How to Setup IPTV for Roku Streaming Stick

  1. Download the Web Video Caster app from the Play Store and launch it once installed.
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring down the sidebar.
  3. Select ‘IPTV’.
  4. Next, tap on the + icon to open up a blank field under a spot that reads ‘IPTV address’.
  5. In this field paste your M3U URL.
  6. Write down a name for your IPTV list. Name it whatever you want.
  7. Exit this sidebar menu and tap on the Cast icon. It is located in the top right-hand corner of the app and looks like a TV screen with signal waves next to it.
  8. Now you will have to select the type of device you want to scan for. Scroll down and tap on the Roku device option and then tap on ‘Done’. Make sure your smartphone and Roku are connected via the same wi-fi network or this step will not work.
  9. Go to the IPTV menu section of the Web Video Caster app and open the list of IPTVs you have just added. Wait for a few moments for the app to load the playlist.
  10. Tap on the Roku Device option on the following page and lastly tap on the ‘Play’ option.

How to Setup IPTV for Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. First, you must download the Downloader app from the Amazon App or Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on Apps from the Unknown Sources in the Settings.
  3. Launch the Downloader App.
  4. You will be prompted by a notification asking if Downloader can access files on your Device. Click Allow.
  5. Type or paste in https://troypoint.com/smarters into the URL on the main page of this app.
  6. Wait for the file to download and then click on install. This app is called IPTV Smarters Pro and will allow you to use IPTV on Fire TV Stick.
  7. Exit downloader and go to your Apps and Channels menu in the Fire TV Stick menu and look for IPTV Smarters. Launch it and accept the terms of service.
  8. In the main menu of this app click on Add New User.
  9. Click on Load Your Playlist or File/URL and paste in your M3U URL.
  10. Load your profile, sign in and begin watching content

How to Setup IPTV for Google Chromecast

  1. Make sure both your smartphone and Google Chromecast are connected to the same wi-fi network.
  2. Now you must use your smartphone to download the app called BubbleUPnP. Access the Google Play Store and type in “bubbleupnp” into the search bar. BubbleUPnP should pop up on top of the list of results. Download and then install it.
  3. Once BubbleUPnP has finished downloading and installing, open up the app.
  4. On the main page of the BubbleUPnP app, you will see a Cast button on the lower right-hand side of the screen. It looks like a square with wi-fi signals next to it.
  5. You will see a sub-menu pop up that displays devices that are connected to the same network. Click on the one that says Chromecast.
  6. Now your smartphone should be ready to cast to your TV via Chromecast. Next, you will have to click on the Playlist button at the bottom of the main menu screen.
  7. On the Playlists screen, click on the Menu button in the top right-hand side corner. It looks like three dots arranged vertically.
  8. Click on Add Stream URL.
  9. A new menu will appear. This is where you will enter your IPTV m3u URL that you’ve previously obtained from your IPTV streaming service subscription. Type or paste it in and then click on OK.
  10. In case this is your first time going through these steps, you will receive an install notification from BubbleUPnP. It will require installing some additional files to allow this IPTV on the Chromecast feature to work. It should only be a small download consisting of around 10MB. Click on Install if this notification appears for you.
  11. After the files are done downloading and installing, your IPTV URL will now be activated and will begin playing on your TV via Chromecast.

How to Setup IPTV for Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

  1. Download the app Smart IPTV from the App store.
  2. Launch it and it will prompt you to load an M3U URL. Paste it into the box.
  3. Wait for your content to be loaded from the internet. Once complete you can then begin watching your IPTV subscription

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