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Best Adult Addons for Kodi: Setup and Recommendations


More and more people are becoming “cable cutters” these days. As people realize that cable TV isn’t the only way to access tons of content, they also come to the realization that cable isn’t even the cheapest or the best option in general. Kodi’s popularity has grown massively in the last couple of years as a viable alternative to cable. To help people discover as much content as possible, I’d like to talk to you about the best Kodi adult addons.

What Exactly is Kodi?

The Kodi platform is a free and open source media center. Probably its most commonly used function is to stream and store media of varying sources, be it movies, television or music.

Kodi’s origins began as the central media interface and platform for Microsoft’s original gaming console, the Xbox. It was used in the early 2000s to store and access saved data, primarily movies, and songs. A lot has changed over the past 15 or so years and now Kodi has become much more commonplace.

BlazeBox Blaze Key Kodi

The software is now compatible with a massive amount of devices and operating systems. As of today, Kodi is downloaded and used on Android devices, iOS platforms, Apple tablets and of course desktop computers and laptops. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all compatible with Kodi. Kodi can also be set up onto a television set through the aid of TV streaming devices and set-top boxes, such as the Apple TV or the Roku Streaming Stick. To this day, Kodi is still used as the media center for their modern-day gaming console, the Xbox One.

The Kodi platform didn’t become such a popular piece of software because of its function as a simple media player, though it does have a nice interface. Kodi took off in more recent years because of huge third-party support to increase its functionality, particularly when it comes to streaming.


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How to Install and Stream with Kodi Addons

Step 1: Allow Third-Party Sources

If you want to use Kodi to its maximum potential then you’re going to have to start getting into addons. Kodi has become well known for supporting countless third party software that gives users access to content for streaming.

Kodi addons come in various forms such as new custom user interfaces. In this article, I will primarily be talking about addons that specialize in adult content and pornography.

There are some preliminary steps you have to take within the Kodi options before you begin looking up addons to download and install. Because just about all of the best Kodi addons are third-party, the Kodi program will probably consider that to be harmful software and reject it as if it were malware. Luckily, there’s a simple way to override this.

Go to Kodi Settings to Allow Third-Party Sources


From the main menu of Kodi go click on the Settings icon on the left-hand side. It resembles a cog or a gear. In this new menu, you’ll want to click on the box that reads “System Settings”. From the new page click on Add-ons shown on the left-hand side. You’ll see a few options appear in the center of the screen.


The one you want to check is called “Unknown Sources”. If this is switched to On, turn it Off. This will allow Kodi to accept third-party apps.

Warning disclaimer for downloading unwanted sources on Kodi


You will receive a warning disclaimer about how downloading third party software can be risky due to malware, trojans, viruses and the like. You don’t need to worry about that as the Kodi addons I’ll be recommending soon, as well as any popular third-party Kodi app, are all completely safe.

Step 2: Add Repository and Install Addon

Whenever you wish to install a new Kodi addon for adult content you will have to input a URL address. This will allow you to access the repository so that you can download the addon itself and have it added to your Kodi program. Then you’ll be able to access this addon and its selection of adult shows at any time after launching Kodi.

After enabling “Unknown Sources” return to the home page. Go back to Settings but click on “File Manager” instead of “System Settings”. Choose Add Source then click on the empty tab that should say something like <none>. This is where you will input your URL address for the repository you wish.

I will provide these URLs along with my recommendations later on so remember to come back to this menu once you’ve selected which URLs you will use.

Kodi Addon Installer


Once the URL is typed in, click OK. Kodi will prompt you to give this address a name. It is something you will have to remember for a later step. Give it something simple like the name of the addon itself that you are planning on installing (example: “VideoDevil” or “UWC”).

Once this is done, return to the Kodi home page. Click on the tab that says “Add-ons”. Then on the new page click the icon in the top left-hand side that looks like an opened up box. On the new page click the tab that reads “Install From .zip File”. Go down the list and look for the address name that you just typed. Click on it and then it will begin downloading.

The last steps to take once your repo has downloaded into Kodi is to install the specific addon you want. After receiving the notification that your download is done, click on Install from Repository which is on the same page where you clicked on “Install from .zip File”. You’ll see the repository you just downloaded on this new page. Click on it and then click on “Video Addons”. A list in alphabetical order will appear. Search for the specific addon you want and click on it. After that simply click on “Install”.

The Best Adult-Rated Addons for Kodi

Before I get started, there is something important I would like to draw your attention to. 

Watch Adult Content with Privacy 

If you are using third-party Kodi Addons, it is time that you start using a VPN for Kodi and stay safe while streaming. VPN is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity. We recommend PureVPN because of their unbeatable value for money.

1. Video Devil

video devil kodi adult addon


Video Devil may be the most popular adult addon used on Kodi. Much of its success can be attributed to the wide range of sources it takes its material from. Video Devil has collected videos from Xhamster, YouPorn and many others. It’s like having the benefit of several porn sites all rolled into one.

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The interface is simple to use and makes finding specific videos an easy process. Several categories are set up to distinguish various kinds of videos and the search bar function is a great tool for finding specific actors.

2. Ultimate WhiteCream

ultimate whitecream kodi add on


UWC has become popular due to how often they update their database with new content. This addon specializes in collecting recorded live cam shows in good quality. UWC also has one of the best and most appealing user interfaces out of any adult Kodi addon out there. If your priority is finding the newest videos to stream then this is probably going to be the addon for you. Many people are also impressed by the lack of ads featured on this addon considering how fresh a lot of their videos are.


xxx-o-dus adult kodi addon

URL:, or

While it may not have been around as long as Video Devil, XXX-O-DUS is another great collection of many popular porn websites. Their content is collected from places such as Xvideos and Red Tube. If you like to search for porn in specific subsections then XXX-O-DUS would be a great choice. All of their videos are distinguished and searchable via category, genre or style. They are becoming more popular not only for their big selection of HD videos but also because of their impressive lack of buffering issues.

4. Empflix

empflix adult kodi addons


Empflix is another great source of high-quality videos that are all categorized under dozens of subsections. Their only flaw is that they lack a search bar function. This forces you to browse through pages to find something specific that you like. With that said Empflix is still a great source of very diverse and unique content and they have a solid interface that neatly sorts everything.

Other Options

If you are looking for a more rounded package that includes both adult content as well as live television and video-on-demand, I suggest you have a look at IPTV streaming. These services give you a cable-like experience at a fraction of the cost. We have a list of our favorite providers here.

Finishing Up

Thanks for making it to the end of this Kodi adult-themed addon guide. Hopefully, you’ve found the installation process to be as hassle-free as possible. With just a couple of these addons installed, you will have easy access to virtually unlimited erotic content always ready to go. There is much more than only four adult addons so don’t hesitate to try out new ones.

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